Our aim is to make this process a weight off of your shoulders not only saving you time but money aswell. I shall keep this post very short sweet and to the point, so below is a step by step guide to show you how this process works.

Step One: The Brief.

 There are two ways that a client can hand over the brief to us. One way a client can do this is by calling in to discuss the role. The second way is for our consultants to come and visit the client to gain the brief, this is a far more effective strategy as the consultants can get an in-depth knowledge of your requirements.

Step Two: The Shortlist.

 The search begins! After receiving and revising the brief our consultants and resourcers then gather the candidates who we think would be perfect for the role not only comparing the skills and experience to the brief but making sure there is also a personality match to the hiring company. After speaking with the selected candidates our consultants then send over the CV’s and await response from our client to see which candidates have been invited for an interview.

Step Three: Preparations.

 Once the client has confirmed which candidates have been selected for an interview we schedule a date and time for the interview to take place. We then ask the candidates to come into our offices for some preparation, going through some competency based questions, revising the job specification and talking through their CV.

Step Four: The Interview.

 On the day of the interview we give the candidate a quick call just to confirm the interview time to make sure everything is running smoothly. The client will either offer a second interview or will offer after the first. After the interview we ask both the candidate and the client to call us with feedback. Once the client has chosen their perfect candidate we inform the unsuccessful candidates with feedback from the client.

Step Five: The Offer.

 Once the news has been given to the unsuccessful candidates we then inform the successful new recruit the good news! After the candidate has accepted the position we send the client the personal details of the candidate so the contract can be sent. Once the candidate has given their notice (if they have one) we then confirm the start date. After that we then send an invoice for our fee. On the first day of the new starter we call both the client and ensure all is well and we have exceed the clients expectations.