Whether you’ve been made redundant or you’re looking to quickly gather some extra skills for your CV, there are many reasons that people choose to do temporary work. Temporary work is a great solution to a lifestyle with other commitments, such as parenthood or creative pursuit. There are many different types of temp work, with some placements only lasting days, and others more on-going for a number of months.

If you’re considering temp work and unsure on ALL of the benefits that temping can present, we’ve outlined our favourite benefits below to help you mould the perfect career choice for YOU.

Temp work presents a challenge

You’ll most likely be working in fast-paced environments with busy schedules, and you’ll be expected to pick work up FAST. This presents a huge challenge as you’ll have to pick up all of the processes and procedures, which will vary from business to business. Typically, there may not even be a handover if you’re covering an employee and they’ve had to leave sick, so you’ll have to be able to use your initiative and get stuck in.

Temp work gives you a confidence boost

Taking your first steps into temp work can be a little scary, but making the jump means you’ll be able to take on more temp roles and your confidence will increase. Why? You would have worked in a wider range of companies and roles, giving you a boost in skills for your CV. Not only that, but you’ll build up your people skills each time you go into a new office to work with a new bunch of people.

Temp work gives you the opportunity to network

If you’re new to a location, industry or job, temp work gives you the opportunity to mingle with all the right people. Temp work might not be your ideal and permanent solution, but it’ll certainly open up the doors for you to meet the right people who can introduce you to more permanent work.

Temp work allows you to work flexibly

The attraction of temp work is that you have a much more flexible schedule. When consulting with your agent, you can tell them your ideal hours to work and they’ll find roles that best suit what you’re looking for – not what you can really do in permanent employment. Whether you have a holiday coming up that you can’t work for, or you don’t want to work any later than 3pm to pick up the kids from school, your agency will do their best to find the right temp work for you.

Temp work helps you to gain experience

Working as a temp will develop your skillset in many areas that you can immediately add to your CV. A CV that can display a number of skills is far more attractive to potential employers, and could give you the step up you need to get ahead of other candidates.