Coby Philips works with a variety of high profile clients and if you are one of the people who find themselves with an interview then it is important to make sure you have an ‘Elevator Pitch’ behind you. The potential employer will expect you to know what the role is you are there for and will also expect you to have done research on the company.

So what is an Elevator Pitch?
The question “so tell us about yourself?” Will come up in an interview almost un-doubtingly every time, so let’s be prepared!
It is rather simple! An Elevator Pitch is a basic introduction of yourself, typically summed up in 30 seconds.
Follow these 3 steps to help you create your pitch!
1. Introduce yourself!
Provide your name, what you do at the moment, if you are completing or have completed a degree mention that to! Keep it simple and to the point.
2. What makes you unique?
Describe your previous work/internships but keep it relevant, perhaps find a key moment in your previous roles that would be perfect to demonstrate on the role you have applied for. Think, will this benefit the employer?
3. What is your goal?
State your career goals, the types of positions you are interested in, the skills you would like to apply, and what is important to you in a career. Don’t make your goals completely different to the role you are going for. For example, you are going for a corporate role and all you talk about is your passion for the creative industry, they will see that you are not committed and will pick someone else.
Don’t forget to relax and be yourself! You’re going to be great! Good luck!