As an executive assistant, teamwork will be a priority for your employer, so when it comes to preparing for your next interview, you should be fully equipped with answers and examples on how you work with others.

Questions on teamwork will give you the opportunity to discuss the characteristics that enable you to work well with those around you, and why you could be the perfect fit for the job.

TEAKWORK SKILLS – Keep these skills and buzzwords in mind when answering any questions around teamwork: Active Listening, Communication, Conflict Management, Delegating, Encouragement, Listening, Leadership, Mediating Conflicts, Reliability, Respect, Team Building, Following Deadlines, Team Building and Teamwork.

Before any interview, you should always come prepared with examples! Make sure to think of at least two team situations where you displayed some of the above attributes and explain in detail. Outlining your key experiences, resolutions and successes with your interviewer is the most effective way to communicate your strengths and a team member.

When telling your interviewer a story from your past, try to incorporate the STAR interview response technique to get your point across clearly (and most effectively).

STAR Interview Technique

Situation: Describe the context or situation. Explain where and when this group project took place.

Task: Explain the mission of the group – describe the particular project you were working on. If there was a problem in the group, explain that problem or challenge.

Action: Describe the actions you took to complete the project or solve the particular problem.

Result: Finally, explain the result of the actions taken. Emphasise what your team accomplished, or what you learned.

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