Speaking through experience changing your everyday routine can make you feel refreshed, like you are on the right path and can increase positive opportunities.

When I say ‘changing routine’ I don’t mean change what time you get the train to work or quitting your job completely. Changing routine can be things like; going to bed earlier, waking up earlier or allowing yourself enough time to not rush around in the mornings. When you change your routine, it makes you feel motivated and ready for the challenges you’re going to face perhaps at work that day. I spent many months feeling uninspired not only in the workplace but at home to, as soon as I changed my routine I slowly began to gain more energy, more motivation, less procrastination and general happiness within myself. When I first heard of this idea I was sceptical, I couldn’t understand how changing the way you do things everyday could help you. So, I asked friends and family about this and my step-mum came out with something that just made sense and made me feel inspired to change the way I thought about life! I asked her the question “How can changing your everyday routine make you feel more inspired and motivated?”.

Her answer: “Imagine you watch a film, then imagine watching the same film again straight after and again and again and again. Boring, right? Now imagine watching a different film after this. You feel entertained, you have the energy to pay attention and you feel satisfied when the film is over — depending on the film of course. What I am trying to say is that when you do the same things everyday it becomes a chore, repetitive, you know what is coming next and you can predict how your day will end. If you change your routine then your whole day changes, everything is new and the day is unpredictable. It keeps you on your toes, keeps you positive and when positive thoughts come you attract positive opportunities, therefore making you feel motivated, energised and generally happy”.

The types of things I changed when it came to my everyday routine were things like; getting up earlier so I have enough time to play with my little brother before I left for work. I prepared my clothes and bag that evening ready for the next day. I had dinner earlier, went to bed earlier, started to read a book before bed to relax my mind ready for a great night sleep. When people were shoving, and nudging in London during my walk to work I wouldn’t turn around and give them an evil look I would simply say “sorry” and moved on with my day. I started to walk on three drains because I decided I would not let my superstitions control me. By doing all these things I started to perform better at work, improved my relationship with my little brother and created less stress in everyday life. It’s worth a try and even better, it’s free!


Moral of the story: Don’t stick to the same thing all the time. A slight change can make you feel a whole lot different.