This week we will take a look at knowing when employees are unhappy in the work place. Facing the fact that no one likes working. Human beings are lazy creatures but they must work for a living. The definition of survival however, can vary based on your position. Sensing mutiny among your employees, here are some things to be on the look out for.


Decreased Professionalism.

 Usually, If employees are making a decent living and being treated with respect. they will have more invested in keeping their job.
Red Flags; 
  • Employees stop being respectful of management.
  • Employees stop caring about providing good customer service.
  • Just one employee, it might just be an isolated incident or attitude problem.
  • Multiple employees, pay attention and reassess.

Calling In.

If the work environment is hostile or the cost of getting to work is more than they could make, it makes sense that people would not want to come into work.
Red Flags;
  • When employees would rather go without money than come into work
  • Multiple employees are doing this it means that they aren’t interested in working for you and are doing something else.

Decreased Work Production.

If your employees have stopped producing their work in the same manner or it has started to decrease in quality, then they are probably not happy with their working conditions.
Red Flags;
  • They do not care about the quality of their work.
  • They do not care about the deadlines on their work
  • You find out that they are hoping you will fire them so they can take unemployment or just start at the new place.

No Favours.

It is time to worry when they start exhibiting a general lack of cooperation.
Red Flags;
  • Employees stop doing favours like staying an hour later or coming in early.
  • You notice that they have stopped caring.
  • You do not know what to do to change their behaviour.

Asking For Days Off.

If several of your employees start asking for days off.
Red Flags;
  • Most application submissions and interview times take place during weekdays, employees might be looking for other positions.