It is very easy to notice the incorrect things that employees do during the working week, however everybody makes mistakes every once in a while. So occasionally you should step back and think about the positives about this employee, look out for the following things!

  1. Are they ambitious?

  2. What about Autonomous?

  3. Is your employee Humble?

  4. Does your employ portray a Passion for their work?

  5. Confidence is key, is your employee confident?

  6. Honesty is the best policy

  7. Is your employee creative?

  8. Reliability, does your employee show this?

  9. Does this employee show that they are eager?

  10. Positivity attracts positive things, are they keeping it positive?

With a busy schedule it is hard to notice these attributes easily, that’s understandable, however employees should be a number one priority. When employees feel appreciated it leads to best customer service for your clients.

Let us just go over the 10 tips!

You can notice when your employee is ambitious because they will always want to improve and will have big goals (preferably in their current workplace). Being Autonomous is having the ability to work on tasks by themselves with very little help however is not afraid to ask someone if they come across a problem. Staying humble can be hard for some people this attribute is probably the most noticeable, note that being humble and being shy are two different things. It is important to see that your employees are grounded and not getting too arrogant, it creates bad energy in the workplace. You can clearly see when someone is passionate about their work because  they will put a huge amount of effort on any task you give them. Like previously stated, confidence is key especially if you are in a sales environment, the confident employees will take risks because they believe in themselves and you should to. Honesty really is the best policy, nobody likes a liar. The perfect employee will always speak the truth even if it is a mistake they made. The creative employees will ask strange, unexpected yet totally relevant questions, take time to process their ideas. Creative employees think of the long term rather than in the moment which can be both a blessing and a curse. Reliability is quite self-explanatory, this employee will show you that you can count on them no matter what. Everybody loves an eager beaver you can see when an employee is eager because they will be hungry for the next challenge and will always be wanting to learn new skills. Positivity is vital in a busy work place this employee will be positive even when times are rough, if they have a problem they won’t present it with another problem but will have a solution.


Does this employee nurture Company Culture?

The perfect employee will also champion company culture and help to create and environment where everyone is happy to come to work.