Job Hunting Tips

Do you feel as though you’ve been endlessly sending out CV’s and getting no response? Are you looking at how you can brush up your job searching techniques and if there’s anything you’re missing?

Tip #1

Preparation! Being prepared is the first thing that you need to be when it comes to your job search. What are the things that you can do to be prepared? Have a voicemail system in place to redirect calls or to leave a voicemail Have a separate e-mail address to receive e-mails regarding jobs

Tip #2

Help! Don’t be afraid to ask for help from any ex-colleagues, friends, family members and even recruiters. Recruiters are there to help you make the next step in your career, and in doing so, they should be able to provide you with effective advice, specific to you.

Tip #3

CV! Stop sending out the same CV to lots of different potential employers… it doesn’t work! Tailor your CV to the jobs that you’re applying for and ensure that your skills and experience for those particular roles are highlighted on your CV.

Tip #4

Get Social! Make sure that you’re registered onto LinkedIn and Twitter as there are always jobs being posted on here. You’re easily able to connect with hiring managers and recruiters, and therefore will be front of the line for any job advertisements.

Tip #5

Don’t Stop! As much as it may be disheartening, remember the reason that you’re looking for work. Stick to it, and don’t give up!