CV Tips

Your CV is the first impression that your potential employer is going to get of you… It’s also the winning piece that’s going to bag you an interview. It’s a harsh reality that CV’s only get scanned for a few seconds before deciding whether you’re in the “yes” or “no” pile for an interview. We’ll give you some winning tips on how your CV can be at its best and how to project it in the best light possible.

Tip #1

Pin Point! In a usual case, CV’s shouldn’t be any longer than 2 pages. However, this is all very dependent on how much experience you have and what the job you’re applying for is. Bare this tip in mind when writing up your CV, however don’t limit yourself to it.

Tip #2

Personal statement! It may seem easy to just send your CV out to loads of job advertisements that seem to match your skills and experience, but how successful has this been for you? Tailor your personal statement to each job that you apply for and mention what experience you had with regards to what they’re looking for. This will heighten your chances of getting an interview!

Tip #3

Tailor your CV! Sending the same CV to lots of different clients for different jobs isn’t the way to go. Your CV should be varied, depending on the type of job that you’re applying for, and what the client is also looking for. Do your research and tailor your CV to enhance your chances of bagging an interview.

Tip #4

Gaps! Don’t leave gaps in your CV, whether there has been a gap in your employment or not. Leaving gaps will only make potential employers suspicious and weary. Being out of work for a long period of time can always be a worry, but you can always put a positive spin on it. What did you do with your time whilst you were off? Make sure that you mention it, whether it be a course, volunteering, temp work etc.!

Tip #5

Up to date! Keep your CV up to date all of the time, whether you’re looking for work or not. Keeping your CV up to date will mean that nothing is missed out, when it does come to looking for a job.

Tip #6

Eye for detail! If any mistakes are spotted on your CV, then your first impressions may be hindered. Mistakes in your CV will only make you look lazy and effortless.

Tip #7

Honesty! Lies on your CV can leave you in a lot of trouble when it comes to your interview. What if the employer is interviewing you because they like the certain skills on your CV that you have lied about? You’re only wasting everybody’s time when lying on your CV.

Tip #8

Statistics! Managers love statistics. Being able to back up the hard work that you have done in the past with facts and figures will blow your potential employer away. You’ll be seen as credible as you’re able to back up your statements with solid facts and stats. An example could be how you increased business revenue and by how much (within sales).

Tip #9

Layout! The layout of your CV does matter. Make it user friendly and easy to read. If your CV is all over the place and difficult to navigate, then the client won’t hang around. Having your CV bullet pointed makes it extremely easy to read and also looks clean. Ensure that you leave plenty of space between paragraphs, so that your words aren’t all bundled together too!

Tip #10

Keywords! Having your CV “keyword friendly” will allow potential employers to find your CV a lot easier. What are the buzz words within your industry and is there anything else that they can be known as? Ensure that you have them all on there, so that when a recruiter is doing a search, your keywords pop up in their shortlist!